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How to seal my natural stone floor

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When considering how to seal your stone floor, ask yourself, how long will me stone floor last? We believe that if a stone floor is installed and cared for correctly then it should last the lifetime of a house. Make sure it's installed by a professional, sealed correctly and cleaned with the right products and you're on to a winner. Stone gets better with age, it wont stay the same for ever.... Here is our guide to sealing your stone floor.


Before sealing natural stone must be thoroughly cleaned to make sure that sealing of the surface can be achieved effectively. This is true of newly installed surfaces, as well as existing, due to the contamination that can occur during fitting. Equipment recommended for this step is a bucket, mop, white emulsifying pad.

We recommend LTP LTP Grimex as the solution for cleaning newly installed natural stone surfaces before sealing. LTP Grimex removes grease, dirt and grime from the surface ensuring the natural stone surface is best prepared for application of a sealing product.

Cleaning newly installed stone surfaces

  1. Dilute LTP Grimex 1:10 with water.
  2. Apply solution to the surface with a mop or sponge. Under floor heating must be off.
  3. Agitate to release the residual dirt and grime from the surface with a mildly abrasive pad (White emulsifying pad).  Rinse well using a sponge & water.
  4. Do not use acidic cleaners, such as LTP Grout Stain Remover.
  5. Allow the surface to dry (preferably for 24 hours).


To protect stone surfaces and help prevent staining natural stone should be sealed. LTP recommends applying LTP Mattstone for a natural (invisible finish) or LTP Colour Intensifier & Stainblock for an enhanced appearance. LTP Colour Intensifier & Stainblock deepens the colour and enhances the appearance of the stone surface.

Sealing prepared natural stone surfaces

  1. Surfaces must be clean and dry. Ensure under floor heating is off.
  2. Apply the product to the surface evenly using either LTP sealant applicator,a sponge, brush or soft cloth.
  3. Redistribute to remove excess product and avoid pooling on the surface.
  4. Allow to dry. Do not walk on the surface for at least one hour.
  5. Protect from water for 24 hours and do not wash surfaces for at least 3 days.

How do I clean my stone floor?

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 If I were about to spend in excess of £4000 for a new stone floor, I would want to know that it's easy to keep clean!?!

 The good news is, it's easy...

The answer, you’ll be glad to hear is, its very easy to keep your stone floor clean. As long as you adhere to a few ground rules then your stone floor should stay looking as good as the day it was laid for a long time.

Tips for cleaning stone tiles

1)    Cleaning stone tiles, well, first thing is never ever use any house hold detergents on your floor. Even id you run out of natural stone floor cleaner! They will damage the floor.

2)    Make sure you DO use a recommended natural stone floor cleaning product. We recommend - LTP cleaning products.

3)    Cleaning red wine from stone floor! What do I do? Clean it up quickly! Hahahhaha… assuming your installer sealed it correctly then it will simply wipe off with a damp cloth, good as new. 

4)    It's our recommendation that you consider resealing your natural stone floor every three to five years depending on how much traffic it gets. 

5)    Visit to buy cleaning and maintenance products and get great advise from the Lithofin team over the phone there too.

6)    Top tip: When installing, we always apply a bit extra sealer around the cooker area. This is where fat drips and stains are most likely. Speak to your fitter about doing this for you, or do it yourself a day or so after the install (remember to make sure stone is clean before you apply sealer)