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Choosing the right stone for your project...

Jamie RobinsComment
Featured stone flooring is Lambourne Limestone

Featured stone flooring is Lambourne Limestone

Most importantly, you really need to make sure that you are buying the right stone for your project/home. For example, if you have a big country farmhouse kitchen with sliding doors opening to your garden where your 2 children and their friends play and you have a very muddy chocolate labrador, then do not install a white porous French limestone as this will take lots of maintenance, will never look clean and you will loath the day you ever chose to install a stone floor in your home.  

We would advise you to be looking at is a nice honey or grey toned flagstone Cotswold Cream or Lambourne either of which will take knocks and bumps and will also look great with a few muddy paw prints on them! Just like a Landrover looks better with mud all over it?  They are meant to have mud all over them! They just look silly when they're clean!   Stones like these will clean up well due to their hard wearing nature and like a good quality pair of leather boots, they will look better as they wear in…